Back home massage

AAAHHH, a back massage! There are really no words adequate, in any language, to describe the wonderful sensations experienced from one.

No longer confined to therapist’s offices, locker rooms, or “massage parlors” back massage is now available right in your home! By using the excellent resources at, you can easily educate yourself on some of the many (there are 80!) varieties, find local providers, and determine what specific benefits you want to achieve.

At one time, back massages were considered a luxury. Available at spas and health clubs, (or perhaps the above mentioned “parlors”) you would pay a steep hourly rate to experience one. Now, the many health benefits have moved this ancient practice back into the mainstream, for everyone to enjoy.

Just some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  1. Pain relief;
  2. Increased flexibility,
  3. better blood circulation;
  4. decreased anxiety and stress;
  5. more restful sleep;
  6. a healthier immune system;
  7. increased range of motion;

For some, benefit number 8 is the only one they need to be seriously considering beginning an ongoing regime of back massage. The other benefit just comes as a bonus.

For others, sufferers of chronic back pain, headaches, injury, sleep disorders and much more, that one may be simply a bonus.

Whatever your reasons for looking into back massage, being able to reap those rewards in the privacy of your own home is a ‘perk’ that may have been unlooked for.



Which ailments can back massage help?

Injuries from car accidents, sports, tennis elbow, and neck pain are just a few of the many problems that back massage will help the pain of. Additionally, even casual athletes can improve performance and reduce their risk of injury by maintaining the high degree of flexibility that massage brings about.

How can I find a provider that will come to my home?

In addition to being a premier resource for education about massage therapies, can help you find a reputable massage therapist with little or no effort!

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