Thai Home Massage

Thai massage is a delightful experience, made even more so now that you can easily find a provider in your area by using!

Using blend of Ayurveda techniques from India and Tui Na massage from China, Thai massage is sometimes called “Yoga massage”. The therapist will at times put your body into traditional yoga poses, for example Cobra, and Full Boat, and you can reap the rewards of those postures without the effort!

This, in combination with traditional kneading/stroking and manipulation of traditional massage will help you attain some or all of the following benefits to your health:

  1. Increased flexibility;
  2. Improved circulation;
  3. Increased energy;
  4. Relaxation;
  5. Decreased anxiety;
  6. Improved self-confidence.

The practitioner will employ several of her/his body parts to press compress and stretch. Elbows, knees, sometimes even the point of a chin will be used as a tool during a session.

Unlike some other modalities, Thai massage is administered while you lie on a mat, on the floor. Of big interest to some people, you will remain completely clothed throughout the session, and the masseuse will never use crèmes or oils.



What should I expect at my first Thai massage session?

Since Thai Massage is done with you lying on the floor, expect to be lying on a mat of some sort, most hopefully one of thick “memory foam”. Once you are prone on the mat, your therapist will likely seat at your side in the traditional “Wai” posture, similar to kneeling for prayer. This is considered respectful of the client. The session will last at least an hour.

How can I find Thai massage providers? is a wonderful resource to find massage therapy services in almost any area! Since there are more than 80 different schools of massage, they are without doubt the quickest route to educating yourself on them, and in making the right deacons regarding which is just right for YOU!

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